My Expertise

Hello there! I'm Burak Barlas, a Computer Engineering graduate since 2020, my focus has been on React.js, and I've gained valuable experience as a front-end developer. I've also a bit about Next.js. While my expertise lies mainly in frontend development, I'm actively expanding my skills to create full-stack applications using Node.js and MongoDB. I find great joy in learning and embracing diverse experiences. Beyond the coding interest, I'm passionate about sailing, dancing, and exploring different places.


Frontend Developer


2021 Aug. - Current

  • Improving the performance or loading speed of the web application, enhancing the user experience and reducing server costs.
  • Designed and implemented an admin dashboard for account management using React, HTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented a file upload system that allows multiple files and folders to be uploaded simultaneously to cloud storage.
  • Increased mobile compatibility score from 30% to 90% for web application.
  • Changed streaming protocol from TCP to UDP, reduced connection latency approximately 20%.